Welcome to Tzipporah’s Tent

King Solomon and Sheba, an Ethiopian Tallis bag

Our mission is to cultivate a safe space for Black Jews dedicated to building our community.  Named after Tzipporah, the wife of Moshe Rabbeinu and a Cushite woman, who by taking  proactive measures to circumcise her own son showed her dedication to the Jewish people.

In that tradition, Tzipporah’s Tent normalizes Black Jewry by celebrating our culture, traditions, and foodways. Our inclusive environment welcomes Black Jews from all movements by prioritizing the Black Jewish narrative while honoring our place in the global Jewish community.

At Tzipporah’s Tent we also pay homage to the Queen of Sheba who traveled from her homeland of Ethiopia to meet King Solomon, the wisest man in the world, and  gain knowledge. Returning to Ethiopia with child, it is believed Menelik, the son of Sheba and King Solomon, is responsible for converting thousands of Ethiopians to Judaism. In honor of her legacy we will prioritize Jewish learning and acknowledge emerging Jewish communities.



Our Commitment:

  • Create meaningful experiences for the Black Jewish community
  • Jewish education through Torah study
  • Build bridges between the Black Jewish and non Jewish Black community
  • Continually explore the meaning of Black Jewry
  • Provide a space for Black Jews in the Diaspora


Stay a while and enjoy!

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