About Us

King Solomon and Sheba, an Ethiopian Tallis bag

Tzipporah’s Tent was created out of a need for Black Jews to have a safe space where Blacks who practice Judaism is normalized. Instead of seeking validation or opposing racism, this is a virtual home where Black Jews can relax and enjoy content for us, by us. Tzipporah’s Tent  explores racial justice, Halacha or Jewish Law, Torah study, Jewish identity, and the essence of Jewish life from a Black Jewish perspective.

This fresh perspective enables Black Jews to own our heritage, while confidently claiming our place among the global Jewish family. Modeled after ethnic Jewish communities in Israel, the mission of Tzipporah’s Tent is to build a community and contribute to the Black Jewish culture. We explore customs, food, beliefs, and the attributes that make our tribe special. Our environment is inclusive of all Jews, but prioritizes the various Black Jewish perspectives.

The Black Jewish Conversation series gives Black Jews an opportunity to discuss what Judaism means to them. It is also a unique way to take part in meaningful connection with other Black Jews from the United States to Uganda. The series is based on the Jewish tenant of education. Listening to each other allows us to form bonds that inform how we see ourselves and each other.

At Tzipporah’s Tent we ask How Does Judaism show up in the Black experience? What does it look like? What about Judaism speaks to Black Jewish sensibilities? And what are those sensibilities.

As we continue to explore those questions, we hope to engage our diverse community to find the answers.

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