Jerusalem, the City of Peace

Today is Jerusalem Day, a day to celebrate, what is considered, one of the holiest cities in the world. People from every corner of the Earth gather in Jerusalem to take part in rituals, festivals, and to honor our ancestors all year round. Jews, Christians, and Muslims call Jerusalem home, but for a Jew Jerusalem is intrinsically connected to who we are as a people. For many Jews in the Diaspora it has been a shelter from the storm, a safe haven, for those facing discrimination in places where Jews are not welcome. And Even for Black Jews who find the burden of our flesh to be a bit lighter in Haaretz, Jerusalem provides a spiritual home for those seeking solace among our people. The umbrellas in the photo hang above Moshe Solomon St. in Jerusalem. They represent Hashem’s eternal presence, providing shade in the long days of heat and protection from the rain in Jerusalem, the City of Peace.

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