Marcus Samuelsson makes African style beets

Restaurateur and chef Marcus Samuelsson, teamed up with Walmart to cook up some tasty dishes using ingredients with Walmart+. Walmart+ is Walmart’s new food delivery program, giving shoppers the option to get their groceries delivered right your door.

Samuelsson was born in Ethiopia and raised by his adoptive parents Ann Marie and Lennart Samuelsson in Sweden. His Jewish aunt Frida Wasser, a Holocaust survivor, had a major influence on his life. The celebrity chef can whip up anything from Ethiopian cuisine to a Shabbat dinner. The menu of Red Rooster, restaurants owned by Samuelsson, reflects the multi-ethnic communities in cities like Harlem and Miami.

Samuelsson’s book The RISE: Black Cooks and The Soul of American Food, features some of today’s top Black chefs sharing the culture, history and recipes behind Black foodways.

Watch Samuelsson make African style beets with ingredients from Walmart+


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