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Harlem Hanukkah Lighting

Date: Dec 10– Dec 18

Time: 6:30 pm EST, Dec 18 at 4 pm EST

Watch at the event page 

Each night of Hanukkah Harlem Moishe HouseKehillat Harlem and Based in Harlem will live stream a Hanukkah candle lighting from a different home in Harlem.
Watch the nightly lightings on the event page, or on the Facebook pages of Harlem Moishe House, Based in Harlem, or Kehillat Harlem.
There will also be a nightly “watch party” in the Harlem Jews Facebook group.
There will be a whole cast of different Harlemites lighting the candles each night:
Night 1: Kyle Savitch and Liran Messinger
Night 2: Ellie Spellman
Night 3: Erica Frankel and Dimitry Ekshtut
Night 4: Arielle Flax and Jonny Zuckerman
Night 5: Dvir Cahana
Night 6: TBA
Night 7: Sarah Tenenbaum and Roy Meredith
Night 8: Erin Betman and Danni Freedman
*On Night 2 (Friday night) lighting will take place at 4:10pm, the time to light candles and welcome in Shabbat.
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