Daveed Diggs releases Hanukkah song

Daveed Diggs, star of the Broadway smash Hamilton released a Hanukkah Song “Puppy for Hanukkah.” The song is already viral sensation in the Jewish world, with lyrics like “We go hard for a week and a day” it’s the Hannukah bop we all need right now.

The Black Jewish actor gave knock out performance as Thomas Jefferson and Marquis de Lafayette  in Hamilton, winning a Tony Award and Grammy Award. He won praises for his role as Fredrick Douglass, in the popular Showtime series Good Lord Bird. The show follows an escaped slave named Onion on his journey with abolitionist John Brown.

Now we can look forward to the series adaptation of “Blindspotting,” the 2018 film by Diggs and Rafael Casal. The series revolves around the life of  a woman whose partner of 12 years ends up incarcerated and then has to live with his mother and half -sister.

In the meantime, add Diggs’ new Hanukkah song to your holiday playlist.

Watch the video below

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