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New data provides insight into Jews of Color

The “Jews of Color Community Portrait: A 2019 Jewish Population Study of Greater Philadelphia” revealed a high level of income inequality between Jews of Color and white, non-Hispanic Jews.

The study also shows Jews of color, defined as “any Jewish individual who identified themselves as Hispanic or any other non-white racial identity,” are only 41% likely to identify as Jewish by religion compared to 69% of white, non Hispanic Jews.

As a result, a large portion of Jews of color engage with their Jewish community differently and are almost twice as likely to identify as culturally Jewish, ethnically Jewish, or Jewish by heritage.  Though they view their relationship to Judaism differently, Jews of color are just as likely to participate in synagogue programming, but were less likely to become members. This could be a direct correlation between the study findings that households with Jews of color are a nearly four times more likely to be living in poverty and 54% of households with Jews of color compared to 21% white, non Hispanic households are more likely to make under $50,000 per year.

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