Black Jewish Confessions: More than just a bowl of collard greens

I decided to make #collardgreens with turkey tails a week ago. I’ve made two batches since. Anyone who knows me knows greens and turkey tails are a staple in my home. I searched all over my hometown but couldn’t find turkey tails until I went to the Eastside, the Black side of town. I found them at a County Market that was once a Shop & Save. On the way I stopped by my great grandmother’s house. I talked to her neighbor who said he lived there about 30 years, so I knew he knew her.

“She was quiet, but boy she hated when my kids cut through her lawn.” I laughed.

She had a meanstreak when it came to kids, but she was sweet as pie to me.

“I’m sure you met me when I was little,” I told him pushing him to remember.

He stood outside my car and we talked about everything. It got awkward around Trump, but we continued our conversation finding common ground in the facts that people including his granddaughter are about to run out of unemployment and Congress was on recess. We laughed.

He told me I looked like my family and I said, “Yes I do. I even have their moles.” He laughed again because it’s true. It felt like a real #Midwest holiday as I drove past vast cornfields with the windows down to feel the chill in the air. I stopped by a slaughterhouse/ grocery store, but they didn’t have turkey tails either. I found them in the hood where I grew up and I made greens and turkey tails because it’s who I am and what I like. As a Black Jewish woman who grew up on the Eastside it’s one of those deeply African American dishes I can bring with me and pass down to my children. It’s more than succulent turkey tails cooked with spicy collard greens….it’s #soul#BlackJews #Jews #Blackfolks #soulfood #HappyThanksgiving #Thanksgiv

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